9 best business ideas to start in 2020.

Everyone want to do his own work to start their life with freedom. here is the  9 best business ideas to start in 2020.

1. Production of bottled air

There’s been a lot of talk lately about air pollution. Many cities are watching their pollution levels increase dramatically.

This leads us to believe that the bottling air business can wipe out as much as the bottled water sector once did.

2. Vehicle charging stations

Electric cars have arrived strongly and while they are still very expensive for the general population, their costs are expected to fall as production costs fall. These cars will need charging stations and, although they are starting to be built, the truth is that they are very insufficient. Isn’t it normal to think then that this is a business with a future?

3. Robot Mechanics Workshops

Right now, robots are already part of our lives. We have vacuum robots, robots that go to war and logically break down. In fact, the robot’s mechanics are not new. But we’re talking about something as close as a computer repair shop. The world’s population of robots is growing rapidly. Many are industrial robots, but home automation is also experiencing a boom as a business.

4. Free lancing

you can work from home to start a small business and to start with zero investment and this is good for you to

spend all of your money on the right place and never go for a physical place to start with.

5. Street Fast Food

Start with small investment instead of zero investment. this will take your time and you need little bit proportional offers. like free meal with other buying. Keep your mind active with lot of work activity and deals your customer with love and food not only by food. this will build a character business for you to start a free man job.

6. Sweet Man

be a sweet man who sells sweet and don’t to be the person who always act sweet. kids mostly like sweets and they are mad for sweets and other stuff to be eaten in anyway. so sell these sweet by spreading happiness in the world. keep visiting different kids and let them know that you card for them.


This seems old but this is brand new idea for the year of 2020. kids are always kids they never grow only generation get changed. S0 the trend of magic can never be replaced by the generation gap. so start it with new moves and spread happiness.

8.Street Dancer

Now a days facebook and other social media are giving you an opportunity to show off what you have got. so make videos and upload to social channels and there are thousand of them that can help you to to get paid.

9.Never labor

labor is something that never let you think about your own business. so be the one who you are and choose from above business ideas.