Choose the type of hose that best suits your pot

It’s amazing how the hookah industry keeps growing, and you just have to stop and see the types of horn hoses at our disposal.

Types of hoses that you can adapt to one or the other shisha, depending on your needs, your tastes, your preferences… even depending on your budget.And today.

In this blog where we want you to be the most important, we need to help you understand the differences between a poor quality hose, and another of very good quality. Especially if you’re thinking about buying one pot or another.

What kind of hose does your carry?

Well! The first thing you should know is that when you buy a pot, it is normal that the hose is included,whether you buy it single or double.

It is also logical that, if the shisha you have purchased is not of high quality, the hose will not be either.Therefore, this will be the first aspect that you will have to evaluate.

The quality of the pot that you are going to invest in.Currently, shishas manufacturers are putting batteries in this direction, and lately they are adding to their “packs”, silicone or washable hoses, which tend to have better quality, and that are already included in the hookah price.However, today’s goal is to make it your own who values whether you should buy a hose separately, or settle for the one that comes with your new water pipe as standard.

What should we check for choosing the recommended hose for our horn?

No one said that it would be easy to acquire the necessary experience as we progress in the use of the cachimbas, and therefore, we need to make mistakes or hit the first one, but what is clear is that we cannot settle for what the big brands of shishas offer us at the first change of change.Guía de tipos de manguera para cachimbas.

For our part, we can only advise you if you consult us, and rest assured that we will offer you the best for you, and for the use you are going to give to your pot.It should be noted that, to start smoking hookah, and especially for beginners, most hoses can be considered recommended, but it is one of the first accessories in which we must advance to get more satisfactory smokes.

To achieve this, it is important that you know the points that you should check,even before buying them, if possible: